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Have you been looking for where to buy vanilla beans? Well, this website offers some of the best that you can buy anywhere. These can be used for a wide range of things. You can add them to homemade ice cream for that wonderful flavor, or you can use them for many other recipes. You might also want to make your own vanilla extract. This does not require too much work and then you will have the freshest and most delicious extract available. Please take time to look at all of the great products for sale on this website and enjoy your cooking. Vanilla comes from a species of orchid. It has been cultivated for a long time. Most beans are now grown in Indian and Madagascar. Other nations grow them as well, but those are the biggest producers. It is an expensive spice to grow because it is labor intensive. Saffron is another expensive and high cost spice to produce. Vanilla beans are usually between 10 and 15 centimeters long. Different length pods are graded as different qualities. The seeds inside the pods are used for many different things and taste great in a large range of foods.

Information About Vanilla Beans

Vanilla beans can be very versatile and add great flavor to your cooking. At some time or another everyone has tasted food containing vanilla flavoring. You can use whole vanilla beans for many things including cakes, ice cream, and more. Pastes and extracts can also be made from whole beans. The use of fresh beans will yield more flavorful products than when you use more traditional extracts that most people use when cooking. Do you ever wonder where to buy vanilla beans? They are easily available on the internet these days. It is often priced more than other spices that are sold. The reason for this is that it is much more costly and labor intensive to grow the crop. This will be discussed more in this article.

The most common species of orchid that produces vanilla beans is Vanilla planifolia. There are several countries that now produce this crop, but it originated in Mexico. The leading producer of it is now Madagascar. The plant climbs up poles or trees as a vine. The seeds produced are what give that great flavor that we want. The bean pods of the plant grow rapidly, but then need time to mature while on the vine. This usually takes about nine months. The plants must be looked at daily when harvest time approaches in order to pick them at the best time.

The length of the beans is what determines the value of them. These are most often graded as A, B, or C grade. Anything that is over fifteen centimeters long is usually considered grade A. Every pod contains a large number of seeds. A single mature vine may produce as much as several kilograms of seed pods. After they are picked, the pods need to be processed and cured. They are conditioned and slow dried. After this, they are ready for shipping to retail outlets where they are purchased by people like you and me. After you buy vanilla beans, store them in a dry, cool, and dark place for best storage. Six to eight months is usually how long they will remain at peak freshness. If they have been stored a while, when you go to use them, let them air out before use. Most people think of ice cream when you mention these yummy beans, but many other recipes can use them. You are unaware of how good they can be until you try them fresh. Enjoy your cooking and have a great time in the kitchen.